Activities Overview

SUP Jousting

Two competitors. Two paddle boards. Who will be left standing? The SUP joust is our latest innovative addition to our schedule of fun and silly–but very high stakes–water activities! Standing perfectly balanced on the paddle boards, each competitor must knock their opponent off their board using their padded paddle handle and into the water below.

Canoe Races

As part of Flatwater Friday, the canoe races is our biggest team sport event. Two classes of canoes race–pairs and large groups of 8–out into the moving water, around a buoy, then back to shore for the ultimate bragging rights and even their names engraved on our trophy paddle! We also have the whitewater canoe surfing and canoe rescue competitions, which go hand-in-hand.

Swim Race

Have you ever swam through rapids before? Well in this competition, not only do you get to swim through the rapids, but you have to race through the eddie to get to the finish line and claim glory!

International Pool Toy Race

This event is the highlight of the entire weekend for many people. Everyone is welcome to bring an inflatable or floaty pool toy to race through the rapids. Some do it for the ride and relax as they ride through the wave train, while many come in with prepared and elaborate strategies on how to get through as fast as possible so they can reach the finish marker and claim the title of winner of the International Pool Toy Race!

Surf Competitions

With categories for all skill levels, and an amazing surf hole right off the edge of the event site rocks, our surf competitions can’t be beat! It’s amazing to watch as paddlers show off their skills with moves ranging from smiling and twirling a paddle, all the way up to cartwheels and McNastys. It’s an impressive display to watch and a great opportunity to show off!

Beach Ball Race

This race is a fantastic photo opportunity as nearly every paddler is in the water at the same time! Everyone is separated into three teams and each team is trying to simultaneously get their giant beach ball through the Playground hole to the marked rock while keeping the other teams from doing the same with their own beach balls. It’s a ton of fun and almost all skill levels can participate as long as you can wet exit.

Raft and Duo Rides

Intro to Awesome is our special offering to bring spectators closer to the action! If you came down just to watch Paddlefest and want a little more excitement, then we’ll take you out in either a raft or a duo kayak (a kayak built for two) with our expert paddlers for a thrilling ride that is sure to get your blood pumping and put a smile on your face!

Kids Kayak Games

First thing on Saturday morning, we host a couple hours of fun kayak games for kids! These games get kids moving and comfortable on the water all while introducing them to water safety and paddling techniques to get them comfortable in kayaks! With our team of certified and professional paddlers and games like piano keys, follow the leader, splash down, balancing act, and more, everyone’s sure to have a fun time!

Beach Food

In between paddling competitions and all the excitement, it’s good to take a break to recharge. That’s why we bring down hot dogs (meat and vegetarian), watermelon, and other little snacks for everyone to enjoy while they’re bumming on the beach, taking in the scenery, and watching the competitions. Of course, it’s good to bring your own food too! You can always use the campfire to cook your own s’mores or whatever you want. You might have to share the s’mores though!

And more!!

There’s even more to Paddlefest than that; You’ll have to check it out for yourself!