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Slave River Paddlefest 2018

World-class big-water paddling, 24-hour daylight, warm water and good friends – what’s not to love!

Video by Jimmy Thomson – Posted Feb 2019 – Filmed at Paddlefest 2018

Paddlefest Outrageous Short

We’ll let the river speak for itself here.

Video by Leif Anderson – Posted Feb 2016 – Filmed summer 2015

The Lighter Side of Paddlefest

There are a ton of events focused on beginner and intermediate paddlers, as well as plenty of entertainment and rides for people who have never paddled before. This video shows off some of the lighter side of the festival.

Video by Leif Anderson – Posted Mar 2015 – Filmed at Paddlefest 2014

Beach Ball Race 2015

This video showcases the fierce competition and instant camaraderie of the Beach Ball Race. Five teams are randomly formed and then it’s a free for all full contact race to get your team’s ball from point A to point B.

Video by Leif Anderson – Posted Jul 2016 – Filmed at Paddlefest 2015

Slave River Paddlefest 2014

Come and get splashed at the Slave River Paddlefest! The festival is an annual gathering of paddlers and spectators from around the world every August long weekend, on the banks of the Slave River in Fort Smith, NWT.

Video by Michael Tyas – Posted Jun 2014 – Filmed at Paddlefest 2013

Giant Slalom 2014

Giant Slalom 2014! Sunday morning a group of partially hung-over advanced kayakers met up to run the second annual Giant Slalom race at the Slave River Paddlefest. This year we had three “gates”: touch river left, touch river right, touch an island, then touch the finish. Racers could touch anywhere on the bank, allowing a large variety of lines. Good times were had by all!

Video by Leif Anderson – Posted Aug 2014 – Filmed at Paddlefest 2014

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