Spectator Guide

The information on this page is from Paddlefest 2022. The next Paddlefest in 2024 will be similar. Updated details will be announced closer to Paddlefest 2024.

Slave River Paddlefest is quite a sight to witness; The outrageous colours, the friendly people, and the mighty Slave River rapids make for an amazing weekend—even if you don’t paddle! If you’re a spectator at Paddlefest or register for a Hang Out Pass, here’s some of the activities that we have for you to enjoy.

Beach Time

The Mountain Portage Rapids offers large, beachy areas with gentle moving water for you to relax and take in the views and activities. Bring a picnic, roast some hot dogs on the campfire, and maybe build a sandcastle!

Kids Beach Games

Parks Canada will have some fun games for the little ones on the third beach down at the Mountain Portage Rapids during parts of the weekend. These are simple games to entertain kids while the main paddling events are happening in the rapids.

Raft Rides

For a small fee, we offer guided boat rides through the Playground Rapids. Get a taste of the mighty Slave River in our Intro to Awesome with either a raft ride or a duo-kayak adventure.

Beach Party

On Saturday evening, all of the registered 19+ Paddler and Land Activities Pass holders are invited to join in the fun at the Beach Party! Featuring silly antics such as hula dancing, limbo competitions, music, and more, it’s the perfect time to let loose with all of the other Paddlefest participants.

Guided Hike

On the last day of Paddlefest, we’ll have a guided hike for those who want to explore the natural beauty of the river and surrounding wildlife without getting into a boat. The details of where the hike will take place is still being sorted out, but it will be announced on the schedule.

Register for a Land Activities Pass

Get the Paddlefest experience without getting into a boat by registering for a Land Activities Pass to access all of the off-water activities. For more information, please see our registration page.