The information on this page is from Paddlefest 2022. The next Paddlefest in 2024 will be similar. Updated details will be announced closer to Paddlefest 2024.

Find your way around Paddlefest with our handy maps! You can print out the town map or save our Google map to your phone for easy navigation.

Last updated July 28, 2022 at 9:30pm.

Town of Fort Smith

Mountain Portage Rapids

Festival Locations

  • Parks Canada Visitor Centre
    149 McDougal Road – Everyone needs to check in here on the first day before attending the festival.
  • The Boat Launch
    Most of Friday’s paddling activities happen or start here.
  • Queen Elizabeth Campground (Queen E)
    The Friday and Sunday evening dinners are held here as well as the Monday morning pancake breakfast.
  • Mountain Portage Rapids (The Playground Rapids)
    The main festival site and where most of the paddling events take place on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dirty O’Fergies
    152 McDougal Road – Location of the Saturday night Beach Party.
  • Fort Smith Paddling Club Tent
    28 Warbler Crescent – Meet here on Monday morning for the River Trip and Edge King Competition.

We acknowledge that the land where we live and paddle in is the traditional territory of the Indigenous Peoples of the Salt River First Nation, the Smith’s Landing First Nation, and the Northwest Territory M├ętis Nation.