Lodging & Travel

The information on this page is from Paddlefest 2022. The next Paddlefest in 2024 will be similar. Updated details will be announced closer to Paddlefest 2024.

Fly with Northwestern Air

Northwestern Air is Fort Smith’s main airline, connecting the community to other towns and cities with daily scheduled flights and charter services. If you can’t make your way to Slave River Paddlefest by road, then Northwestern Air is your ticket!

Scheduled flights operate from Yellowknife, Hay River, Edmonton, among other locations. Visit their website for full information.

Camp at Queen Elizabeth Park

If you are planning to stay at the Queen Elizabeth Campgrounds, be sure to book your own campsite right away! The campground fills up fast for the long weekend. If the website shows all campsites as being full, call the campsite manager at 1.867.872.2607. Be sure to mention you are there for Slave River Paddlefest!

Camp at Pine Lake

You also have the option of camping at Pine Lake. Located 60 km South of Fort Smith in Wood Buffalo National Park, Pine Lake offers peaceful campsites with fire pits, tent pads, and picnic tables. You also have access to water (boiling required), firewood, outhouses, and a playground.

For more information, visit the WBNP website or contact their visitor centre at 1.867.872.7960.

There’s more to explore

There are many other lodging options available for you to explore. Check out the Town of Fort Smith website for a list of hotel & lodging providers.

Ride Sharing

If you’re looking for a ride up or have an extra seat for someone, you can coordinate a ride-share with people using this Google Sheet: