Photo Contest

Think that you’re a fabulous photographer?

Prove it!

Enter your best pics from Paddlefest 2022 for your chance to win great glory and valuable prizes! We’ll choose the top three photos and announce the winners on our Facebook page in mid-September.

What we’re looking for


Emotional Response & Context

Does the photo get us stoked about Paddlefest? Does it remind us of fun times and get someone that’s never been to Paddlefest excited about what they see? Choose artistic shots that are eye-catching!


Composition & Visual Appeal

Is the photo visually appealing? Is the viewer’s eye pulled in to explore the photo? Is there tension and creativity in the way the subject is captured? Choose shots that are well framed or show a unique perspective!


Technical Aspects

Were the controls of the camera that took the photo well adjusted? Are the exposure and focus dialed in just so? Choose photos that are crisp, colourful, and make full use of your camera!


Aside from winning bragging rights and ultimate glory, the people whose photos were selected as the top three entries (as picked by our panel of judges) will be awarded with:

  • $200 for First Place
  • $100 for Second Place
  • $50 for Third Place

How to enter

  • Submit up to 5 photos per person to
  • If your photos are too large to attach to an email, use a storage service to share them.
  • Include your full name and contact info in the email.
  • Make sure to read the rules below.
  • Entry deadline is August 31, 2022.

Contest Rules

  1. Entries are accepted once Paddlefest begins.
  2. Submission deadline is August 31, 2022.
  3. Photos should be taken from this year’s event.
  4. No more than 5 photos per person.
  5. Photos should be emailed to with your full name and contact info.
  6. Photos should be the highest resolution possible. JPG format is preferred.
  7. Moderate editing is allowed, including the removal of minor blemishes, but the photo should accurately reflect a real situation that actually happened.
  8. You must be the sole owner of the photos that you submit.
  9. By submitting photos to the contest, even if your photo doesn’t win, you surrender all rights of that photo to Slave River Paddlefest & the Fort Smith Paddling Club, which may use the photo in any way that they see fit, including but not limited to printing that photo in magazine ads, posters, online, or in any other format.

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