The full schedule will be released closer to the event.
Here’s a day-by-day overview of what to expect this year.


Flatwater Friday

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Flatwater Friday is a fun-filled day focused on canoeing and picnicking. There are views of the rapids, but all the events are in flat water. We start with a picnic on an island. Participants bring their own lunches, snacks provided. Kids often have epic mud wars and it is not unheard of for Parks Canada to start a fire and make bannock on a stick. We also run a kayak slalom race for more advanced participants that picnickers enjoy spectating. The picnic is followed up by the main events of the day: head to head canoe races, two person and six person teams. Teams are assembled on the spot or ahead of time.

Saturday & Sunday

Mountain Portage Rapids

Saturday and Sunday are out at the rocks at Mountain Portage rapids with events for every type of craft that floats. We generally host some instructional clinics in the morning followed by competitions and events for every skill level from first-time paddlers to world champions. If you have a paddler registration, you can join any event as you feel like it.

There are even zany events like a pool toy race, SUP jousting, and more. For non-paddlers, raft rides are available for a cost, and there’s always something fun to watch happening. Snacks and water are provided around a campfire, and the vibe is a fun beach party. Even if you aren’t registered for Paddlefest, you are welcome to come down and hang out and watch all the craziness.


There are several evening activities including a Friday community event, an outrageous beach party on Saturday night where we all try to limbo and hula dance, and a paddler appreciation dinner on Sunday night.

Stay tuned for a more detailed schedule with individual activities and approximate times listed.


Check out some of the fun activities we feature annually at Paddlefest!

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